Published: Oct. 5, 2015

One reason to get involved on campus is that student groups have a lot of funding, and you Retreat group
get to use that funding to do fun things like romp around in the mountains for a weekend for free. I write this as I just got back from my weekend retreat for my student group Cultural Events Board, where we did just that. Every semester, we do a retreat to get to know each other more—especially when we have new members. We’ve done a lot of really cool things like going to a challenge course and spending time in the mountains in past semesters. They’re always really fun because a lot of the work that we do ends up being very tedious and we need a break from it all.

This year, it was my job to plan the entire retreat, which was not as scary as it sounds. I just had to get a couple of people to facilitate activities, find a condo for us to stay in, plan out all of the meals, get people to drive up, plan activities . . . actually, maybe it was a little scary. But, I got it done! We had enough funding to rent out a condo in Keystone, which was pretty cozy. Some highlights were playing mini golf, making our own pizzas and swimming as a group.

By far my favorite activity was taking the True Colors personality test. You can take it through the Center for Student Involvement and the Career Center here, and it’s pretty telling. We took it all to see how each of us works and how we can better work together. Although a personality test can never tell you everything about a person, we got to know each other beyond our actions and it was a really great bonding experience. I can’t wait for our spring retreat!



Cassandra Duchan