Published: Oct. 5, 2015

When my mom and my sister told me they were visiting me in Boulder a month ago, at first I Louis and family
said something like “yeah, right!” After all, it would take them overall five airplanes and more than 24 hours to go from home to here in Boulder. Crossing the Atlantic Ocean is one of those future plans that always gets postponed and it’s neither the cheapest nor the least tiring experience to go through such a long travel plan. However, they both surprisingly did it and came to visit me. And it’s not even graduation day yet!

As happy as I could be to realize that, after four years of college, my mom only had visited Boulder zero times, I was equally uncertain about where to exactly take her and my sister this time around. It wasn’t too long after they arrived that I realized how unimportant the destination really was. What matters is the fact that we actually get to go places together. At least that’s what I thought before we entered a Target store and they started to shop around for clothes and forgot all about me.

You can almost never go wrong in taking your family to fun restaurants that they wouldn’t Louis and sister
otherwise go to had they not come to Boulder or any place for that matter. Some of the places that I took them to in Boulder are, the Cuban restaurant Cuba Cuba on Arapahoe, French Brasserie Ten Ten on Walnut, Cajun and Creole cafe Lucile’s on 14th Street, and Thai friendly restaurant Terra Thai on the hill along Broadway, among other places. They did not disappoint! Furthermore if, like me, you do not own a car, I suggest you download both the Uber and Lyft applications on your smartphone to benefit from speedy and convenient car rides around the city.

I wish they had stayed a bit longer or that I was a bit less busy. I would have taken them on a hike in the mountains. Or at least I would try. Indeed, my mom and my sister come from seaside cities, and simple walks around some of the hilly sidewalks of the city already seemed to not be the most fun times. Oh well, they’d better get in shape. I shall keep that special trip for graduation next year!