Published: Oct. 5, 2015

I am a firm believer in the power of weekend getaways. With stress ever rampant, everyone Breckendridge
is entitled to a spontaneous trip once in a while . . . or two, or three.

A few weekends ago, I was fortunate enough to find myself with the opportunity to go to Breckenridge for the weekend. A friend of mine had an extra room in their condo, and I wasn’t about to turn it down.  For those of you who don’t know, Breckenridge is about a two-0hour drive from Boulder, so pretty close!  I am not one for long car rides, so that was especially good news for me. When we got up to the cabin, I was surprised to find that the city was pretty empty. I had never been to Breckenridge before, but I was expecting to see crowds of people . . . I am assuming that we just missed the big ski crowds!

Which leads me to my next point—skiing. This may come as a shock to a majority of you, but Colorado is a big ski state. I know, shocker. CU-Boulder in particular offers quite a few ski opportunities that quite a few people I know take advantage of. There are shuttles, passes, deals on gear for being a student—all sorts of things.

I, myself, have gone skiing once in my life. I know what you may be thinking: “What kind of Coloradan are you?” and yes, I get that quite a lot. To be honest, even though the mountains Breckenridge
were so close, my family was just never big on skiing. My first trip was a few years ago in Winter Park. It was pretty exciting, even though I spent most of the time on the ground because I couldn’t keep upright.  I actually ended up falling so hard one run that I completely broke my pole in half (yeah, I didn’t know that could happen either). Nothing was injured but my ego and I have refrained from the sport ever since.

But back to Breckenridge—I was pleasantly surprised to find that there is quite a lot to do in those little ski towns besides skiing and snowboarding. The gondolas were open for tours, there was an abundance of cute little shops downtown and the views were amazing.

We spent our time walking around downtown for the most part. There was this amazing bakery called Mary’s Mountain Bakery where I had, hands-down, the greatest cookie in the world. We also had dinner at a restaurant called Blue River Bistro.  Just as quickly as we arrived, it was back to Boulder early Sunday morning. The trip was short but really fun. I know I joked about getting away earlier, but I truly do think that it’s important during the school year. You don’t have to go far, or even spend a lot of money, but taking time to do something other than classwork is vital to stay mentally healthy. Plus, adventure is always great! Can’t wait to see where I find myself next time!



Lia Peulen