Published: Oct. 1, 2015

It was only my second football game ever, and oh boy, what a game for it to be. I wasn’t sure Rocky Mountain Showdown
whether or not I was going to go to it, but was persuaded to do so by my friends. We all spent the morning in a frenzy, trying to find something white to wear for the white-out. With the CU Book Store being sold-out of white attire (understandably), we had to resort to just regular white shirts, with a “‘sko Buffs!” flag strung around one of our necks at all times. And so 2 p.m. rolled around, and we all got ourselves onto the Buff Bus and made our way down to Denver. The bus was filled of high-spirit Buffaloes, chanting our CU-Boulder cheers in unison—creating an intimidating stampede that barrelled down the highway towards Sports Authority Stadium. Eventually, we reached our destination, and our swarm of white shirts began to feed into the stadium.

Kickoff, the Buffaloes began in high spirits, chanting and singing to the tunes our marching band provided for us—our energy fueled by Ralphie taking her run across the field. However, to our dismay, the Rams gained a relatively swift lead over us, eventually hitting 14-0. My immediate thoughts were, “this is going to be a long game.” Then the Buffs had began to come back! It eventually became tied in the 4th quarter. With 30 seconds left, it was our ball. We slowly moved forward toward the end-zone. Eventually, 30 seconds became 2 seconds, and we were perfectly set up for a field goal. Our mighty kicker lined himself up and took that fateful kick. Miss. We were going into overtime.

It was the Rams’ turn first. The Buffaloes held them back to 4th down. The Rams then decided to try to kick it. We all held our breath as the opposition’s kick strayed just left of the goal post. No point. All we had to do now was score. Come our turn, we did our best to score a touchdown, but to no avail. So, we replayed our field goal attempt. Time stood still as the football soared through the goal-posts, and suddenly an earthquake of fans erupted from the crowd as we celebrated. Buffs win! The tension in every Buff’s face loosened as we all began to rejoice in our glorious victory. As we all filed out of the stadium, shouts of the CU Fight Song could be heard from what seemed like miles away. Ecstatic with our triumph, we all tried hurrying back to Boulder, and got stuck in traffic for hours. However, spirits weren’t dampened as we drove into the university, and we all, as a student body, celebrated our our victory in the Rocky Mountain Showdown.

Until next time.


Benjamin Rains