Published: Sept. 29, 2015

Whether it is admitted or not, the letters you wear on your chest duringHarper and sister your college years
change your overall college experience and will change your life!

From September 15-20, the Christian sorority in the cute house on 13th street on the Hill invited all interested CU-Boulder women to meet and join their body of Christian sisterhood. The sorority’s recruitment week occurs every year in the fall and the spring, a week after the nine other Greek sororities have rush.

What makes this sorority different from all the others?

For the recruitment process, Alpha Delta Chi shares snacks and makes crafts for charity and each other, while getting to know each other. Alpha Delta Chi’s recruitment is stress-free and accommodating to all. Alpha Delta Chi's three pillars are scholastic, sisterhood and spiritual.

The requirements for getting a bid in Alpha Delta Chi are straightforward and non-judgmental—if you want to join our amazing group, come to our events!

My freshman year, searching for sisters and friends to make this university a little smaller, I underwent the Greek recruitment process with the Greek sororities and ended the week with a bid, but felt it wasn't quite the right fit. 

That’s when I realized I wanted more than just Greek life and sisterhood. I wanted sisters that would hold me accountable to my religious beliefs. That’s ultimately when I realized I wanted to be an ADX.

ADX is associated with the Greek community, so we partake in all the fun events with the other sororities and fraternities—like Homecoming and Greek Week. We also stay updated in the Greek community and occasionally get together with the other sororities and fraternities.

We love serving kids in need with the other sororities during BuffThon Harper sorority sisters(more about this event in my next post!). We also have our own formals, sisterhoods and traditions, and every Monday night at our chapter meetings we devote time to our devotional (bible study), one aspect no other sorority has.

We know all of each other’s names and stories. We support each other not only in school and with sisterhood, but in our faith, too.

I am now the recruitment chair of ADX and I have never been happier to welcome our 20 new members this fall, as well as take on the service position of being a “big” sister to one new member of my family!

Alpha Delta Chi and Greek sororities aren’t for everyone. And just because my experience led me to favor one sorority over the others, doesn’t mean you wouldn’t enjoy a non-religious sorority just as much as I enjoy my sisterhood.

I still recommend every CU-Boulder woman to go through recruitment if they are even remotely interested in sororities—if nothing else, it’s a privilege just to see all of the beautiful Greek houses and get to know some of the women in letters who put so much work into every recruitment!



Harper Brown
Harper Brown