Published: Sept. 22, 2015

After my first week of college, I realized that I would probably need a job unless I wanted to Babysitting
watch my friends go out for food and shopping without me for the next four years. Luckily, finding a job as a student is not too hard and you can even find things that you will come to love.

(To the right: Me with the cutest kids ever, who I got paid to hang out with.)

When I first transferred into CU-Boulder, I started working as a babysitter for a family that lived about 10 minutes away from campus. This was great because I would go pick up the kids right after class and help them do their homework. Not only did I get to feel really smart, it was also a fun way to make money. Being a babysitter was really fulfilling in my heart, and also in my stomach because the family let me eat whatever I wanted at their house.

Last year, I worked on Cultural Events Board, which is a part of Student Government here. I got paid to be the social media coordinator for them which was also really fun because I got to work for an organization about which I am passionate, and working with social media is also really fun for me. This was a skill that I couldn’t have developed in any of the classes I’m taking, so it gave me something to look forward to learning outside of school.

I work in Bear Creek this year, which is an on-campus apartment complex. This job has Cultural Events Boardbeen amazing so far.

I get to plan programs and work on a really cool staff (and get free housing). It's really nice to work with people who are a lot of fun and are really hardworking as well. It's also a job that has been accommodating with finals and other school stuff that may come up, which is really important in an on-campus job.

(To the right: Being professional for my job with Cultural Events Board.)

When you're working in college, it's really important to find a job that recognizes that you're a student first. Also, it's nice to work somewhere that lets you take your mind off of school because this is probably the only time in your life when you can have a job that's not really stressful. So, embrace the student work life and make money so your weekends can be fun!



Cassandra Duchan
Cassandra Duchan