Published: Sept. 21, 2015

Although, I am sure close to everybody here is knows there is a (one year new) recreational Karate
center on campus, I wonder how much everybody really knows how much it has to offer.

After living here for four years, there have been plenty of occasions for me to dab into several of the Rec Center’s offerings. Only, the one that I have stuck to till today is the Enshin Karate class. It has been taught here for over a decade and has its main dojo (or temple) located in Denver. It is a full-contact martial art that combines elements of judo, kyokushin karate, jujitsu and other grappling styles. The master of this style, Jōkō Ninomiya, resides in Denver and has lived there since he created the style in the late 1980s.

Attending this class has been rewarding for me in many ways. It’s provided me with a platform for exercising, yoga, learning a martial art, techniques to defend myself and meeting new people.  I am very satisfied by how much I have learned and grown thanks to that class. The ethics and mutual respect is unparalleled when compared with any other discipline that I’ve experienced before. Although it is not for everybody, it will definitely give you a newfound confidence about yourself as it will help you control yourself Karate
and give you the tools to fend for yourself when need be.

Going to karate class is never a burden. There is no grade pressure or judging. Everybody attends it because they all share the same passion. And that is what matters the most for anybody reading. Whether you choose to do karate, dancing, theater, any sports and any other discipline, don’t be scared to look around and find what works best for you. There are plenty of opportunities around campus where people who share the same interests can meet and greet.

If you are here for four years, then make the most of it—look around yourself and get lost in the CU-Boulder crowd. These years will shape your future professional and personal life, and it only takes you to make the decision to act upon that as soon as you can.

The clock is ticking.