Published: Sept. 16, 2015

Well, as probably expected at this point, it’s been another crazy weekend. With school in full Greek dancing
swing and underway, you’d think that life outside of the classroom would slow down … you’d think.

One thing that you may have missed about me is that I am Greek. No, not kappa kappa alpha Greek. Like, Greek Greek. Like, My-Big-Fat-Greek-Wedding-is-pretty-accurate Greek.

Last weekend was the Boulder Greek festival, and I worked hard to help get everything ready for it. The festival took place September 11-13 at the Saints Peter and Paul Greek Orthodox Church in north Boulder. It was an amazing time. I am incredibly proud of my culture and where I came from, so the opportunity to celebrate it is something that I love doing.

For the past 13 years (wow, I’m old), I have been dancing in a traditional Greek dance group. What is traditional Greek dance you say? Basically, picture Irish step dancing in a circle, and you’ve got a pretty good idea. I have been with my current group, Kleftes, for about four years now. I absolutely love dancing and the chance to embrace my culture.

The absolute best part of the festival though, is the food. Greek food

Gyros, lamb, spanakopita (a spinach pita), saganaki (flaming cheese … yes, literally cheese on fire)—it is all amazing. If you don’t gain at least 10 pounds while you’re at festival, then you aren’t enjoying the food like you should be. If you were there, I was working the food tent, so you may have seen me. It was a great weekend!


Lia Peulen