Published: Sept. 15, 2015

Who doesn’t miss a good ol’ home-cooked meal? Well, I think almost nobody. C4CNow, what
international student doesn’t miss a good ol’ home-cooked meal? Well I am sure absolutely none! I can vouch for that myself. It is not easy to make the transition and adapt to a new environment whether you come from Denver, the Bay area, Mexico City or Beijing. Yes, we all must say goodbye to our home loved food and say hello to the meals of a college student in the USA.

Some of us can actually cook and enjoy meals from our homes, but the majority has to deal with what’s around them.  I am one of the latter, and I want to talk about one of the prides of this campus. I want to talk about one of the places that mesmerized me when I arrived here for the first time. I am talking about the Center for Community, also commonly known as the C4C.  I am sure we all have had our share of lousy dining services, but I am confident that we can all agree that this one place is everything but that.

To start with, let’s applaud the architect and interior designers who worked hard on building such a high-end and modern area to enjoy our meals. I like to feel comfortable when it is time to feed my stomach, and although it can get quite crowded during lunchtime, it never fails to provide an awesome environment and experience. The lighting fixtures and changes of ambiance and colors really add to the overall experience. Some students even find it comfortable enough to study inside.

Now, the real reason for which we all tend to come back to the C4C is naturally Inside the C4Cthe food
that it provides and specifically the breadth of what they can do. It’s quite amazing that the kitchen teams gets to provide different cultural and tasty food every day of the week for almost every taste out there. An amazing number of 10 different food stands challenge themselves and each other to serve the yummiest meals during the day: a breakfast stand, an Asian stand, Black Coats stand, deli salad and soup stand, desserts stand, Italian stand, Persian stand, Latin stand, Smokin’ Grill stand and a sushi stand.

Overall, I enjoyed eating there so much that even as a super senior student, I still have a meal plan just because I want to be able to eat there whenever I want. It may not satisfy the heart like a home-cooked meal would but it surely will satisfy your stomach and your taste buds!