Published: Sept. 10, 2015

Boulder revolves around music. Whether is the muffled sound of bass drops Guitar
stomping through the streets on The Hill, or a banjo as its twang dances through Pearl Street, Boulder tumbles to a rhythm and beat. The music scene is as extensive—if not more so—than its food scene (Doesn’t seem possible, right?). Thanks to the sheer mass of genres Boulder has to offer—no matter who you are, you will not have any ‘treble’ finding somewhere in Boulder to fit your musical palette. Now, without further ‘a due’, it’s time for a tour of the city so that we can explore the melodies that fill the air.

To start our expedition, we will see whether or not The Hill really is alive with the sound of music. During the day, the air is dominated by soft house music, with alternative and hip-hop scattered throughout the area, depending on where you go. One specific place called Lu-Lu’s is known to apparently play a vast variety of music—but I have only ever heard them play Irish jig … However, if you stay on The Hill long enough, a crescendo of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) begins to seep into every crack and corner as the nocturnals begin to emerge, and The Hill becomes Boulder’s home ‘bass’ for nightlife. The booming of music can last until the wee hours of the morning, when the night owls take a rest and give their ears a break.

MusicIf EDM and hip-hop are not your forte, simply take a short walk towards the Pearl Street Mall, where you will find measure-less amounts of music. Downtown is home to all of the street musicians of Boulder, who range from “that man who just bangs on pots all day”, to high-class bands trying to kick start their albums. If you’re lucky enough (like I was), you’ll just happen to come across the Laughing Goat, where they have a live band play every night save Mondays. The night I went (it was a Wednesday), I was graced with the musical excellence of a jazz band comprised of CU-Boulder students. Suppose you can’t find the Laughing Goat (17th and Pearl), don’t accept defeat! Reliable sources have told me that a myriad of the restaurants and cafes in downtown Boulder often have live performances.

As we leave Pearl Street after a pleasant theoretical night of live performance and good music, our tour unfortunately concludes. Hopefully, the moral—that there is music to enjoy for people of all ages and ears—is apparent post-exploration. Now, it’s time for you all to ‘compose’ your own journey through Boulder’s symphony.


Until next week.

Ben Rains
Benjamin Rains