Published: Sept. 10, 2015

Hello! Hopefully the first week of classes weren’t too crazy … I myself already hadLia at the concert
homework and quizzes to study for on the weekend, which was kind of a bummer. So far everything is manageable though—and each day means I am a little bit closer to graduation! (Yikes!).

This week, I was fortunate enough to get to go to a concert at Chautauqua. If you’ve never been to Chautauqua, then you really need to change that. Seriously. It’s gorgeous and a great place to go if you enjoy hiking and being outdoors. It is also one of only 24 National Historic Landmarks in the state of Colorado. It should also be known that you can rent cabins there, and that they are over a million visitors per year.

Did I mention that it’s a 10-minute drive away from campus? There is also a bus (the Jump) that will get you fairly close. In addition to a crazy amount of trails there is also a concert hall that hosts a number of performers and shows. I was fortunate enough to see the Punch Brothers. Do yourself a favor a look them up now if you’ve never heard of them … they are a bluegrass-ish group and their lead vocalist, Chris Thile, is also the most amazing mandolin player that you’ll ever hear. (Only cool people geek out over mandolin players.) My favorite song from them would have to be either “My, oh my” or “New York City.” Their opening act was also pretty fantastic—his name was Gabriel. My favorite number of his was a piece called “Craigslistlieder,” which was a concerto about a craigslist post … yep, you heard right. It was great!Building

I had been hiking at Chautauqua a bunch of times before, but this was my first time at the concert hall. It was huge! And the rustic feel really added to the experience. I will definitely be back in the future!

Lia Peulen
Lia Peulen