Published: Sept. 9, 2015

Being involved on campus is really easy here at CU-Boulder because there seems to beCultural Events Board with Angela Davis
something for everybody. I've been involved in a variety of ways, and have been exposed to a lot of people and experiences that have given me the chance to grow since I got here.

The first thing I joined when I got here was Cultural Events Board. I was walking around campus on the first day of school and I saw a poster advertising the board and it looked really interesting to me because I love culture and I love event planning. (There are a ton of posters everywhere around campus so pay attention to them when you can!) After that, I went right home and applied, and the rest is history. The board is where I get to talk about really important issues with socially aware people and our mission is to shine light on underrepresented cultures on campus. We bring really amazing speakers like Angela Davis (picture of us with her to the right), Paul Farmer, and this semester we're bringing the Dalai Lama! We also fund student group events for everyone from the Biomimicry Club to African Students Association. I love the fact that I get to be a part of something so meaningful on campus.

My big and IThe next thing I joined on campus was Delta Sigma Pi, a co-ed business fraternity. Deltasig was part fun and part business, which was a nice way to get to know the business world a bit. We talked about professional wear and had a lot of networking opportunities through the fraternity that exposed me to my summer internship at Goldman Sachs. We also had retreats and went to football games together, which was a really great way to build friendships and have a good time. I'm lucky I got to join something that helped me develop professionally as well as socially.

(To the right: My big and I getting breakfast after a night of dressing up and
watching the sunrise at Flagstaff.)

Finally, to get more involved on campus I go to other groups' events because that has proven to be a great way for me to meet others (and get free food). I met one of my best friends at International Coffee Hour, which happens every Friday afternoon and probably 100 people go every week. There's also free coffee and snacks there so why wouldn't you go? Some other events I've attended and loved are Tour of Africa, Nepal Night, a Frank Waln concert and the Drag Show. Although there wasn't food at all of those events, they were really worth going to in-and-of themselves, and also to meet new people who are interested in similar things that you are!




Cassandra Duchan
Cassandra Duchan