Published: Sept. 4, 2015

This is my senior year here at CU-Boulder and I’m trying to make the most of it!Reservoir

Since I transferred into CU as a sophomore, I want to pack in as many experiences here as possible before I graduate. I didn’t have much to do the first weekend after school started, so I decided to spend a lot of time outdoors before the weather starts to cool down.

My first adventure was to the Boulder Reservoir—somewhere I’ve never been before. It’s not that far from campus (maybe a 10 minute drive), so it’s weird that I haven’t gone, but I finally convinced my friends to make the trek with me! We went in a group of 9 and we brought a picnic, a volleyball, and lots of sunscreen. We rented a kayak and paddleboards and it was so much fun! Living in a landlocked state can sometimes be a bit...dry, literally. But, now I know that I have a place where I can splash around nearby campus. After visiting, I regret not having gone before and plan to go again before the reservoir closes.

The seagull that followed me around almost all day at the reservoir.

I also went hiking in the Flatirons with a friend who was in town for the weekend.The Flatirons are around a 5-minute drive from campus and are definitely the most beautiful part of Boulder. He’s from the East Coast where the mountains are apparently much shorter, because he was overcome by the hike up the First Flatiron (which is not technically a mountain by Colorado standards). I thought this was funny, he did not. But, the hike is actually fairly short, it maybe takes and hour or so roundtrip. With plenty of water and an adventurous spirit, you should be good to go, and the view is definitely worth it!


Our view of Boulder on our way down from the first Flatiron.



Cassandra Duchan
Cassandra Duchan