Published: Sept. 4, 2015

Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to beautiful Boulder, Colorado! My name is Ben, Campus Picture
and I’ll be one of your guides this semester.

Coming from Philadelphia, moving from the East Coast to the 303 was quite the shell-shock (in the best way possible). The first thing I noticed as I began my exploration of the city was that Boulder is essentially a cornucopia of delicious eateries—it wasn’t named Bon Appetit’s Foodiest Town in America for no reason. For me, the food offered in a city is one of the main things I look forward to when I visit somewhere, as in most cases it offers a lot of insight into the culture and what the natives are like. Based off of that, Boulder gives a first impression of an incredibly diverse habitat for all types of palates—from Chinese cuisine, to Argentinian empanadas, to a classic American diner—Boulder has it all.

I’ve only been in Boulder a little over two weeks, but that’s still given me time to properly immerse myself in the Boulder food culture. I’ve had the privilege of trying some delicious Pad Thai at Terra Thai (just don’t foolishly decide to put eight chilies in your noodles, like I did ...), as well as Snarf’s, a Boulder-famous sandwich joint that even rivals the East Coast (home of the sub/hoagie/po’-boy, whatever you wish to call it). However, friends, if there is one place that is an absolute must, that place would be Ricon Argentino—with its empanadas that are to die for and its great selection of drinks and quaint atmosphere—it’s no wonder it was named Boulder’s best. Despite my incessant, rambling of suggestions on places to eat, I do encourage all of you to explore the city’s food for yourself. The world of Boulder restaurants is your oyster, make of it all you can!

I know what you all must be asking, “Do Boulderites just spend all of their time eating?” Fortunately—or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it—no. Boulder also is home to a myriad of activities for people of all types. For those more inclined towards exploration, it’s no secret that there are miles and miles of hiking, climbing and running paths just in the foothills. I particularly enjoy the answer Boulderites give when you ask them where the good hiking is, and they just point west and say “just go that way, you’ll find something.”

Campus PIcture 2However, if the outdoors aren’t your forte, do not fret—the outdoors are only a small percentage of Boulder’s activities. Boulder was named the No. 8 city in America for artists in Business Week, and that little factoid is extremely apparent wherever you go in Boulder. A personal favorite event that I’ve attended thus far is definitely the Open Mic: Stand Up Comedy night at Connor O’Neils. Never in my life have I laughed that hard.

Moving slightly from off-campus activities to on-campus, residential life at CU-Boulder never passes through a dull moment. The university itself has been impressively on top of making sure that there are plenty of optional things to do for students of all ages. Even if your prerogative to attend these events isn’t of interest to you (hint: they should be), there is so much going on that—in my personal opinion—if you ever find yourself bored with nothing to do at CU, you’re definitely not trying hard enough.

Some final words before we part ways for now. If you have not yet visited Boulder, Colorado, I highly suggest doing that as soon as possible, for Boulder is a place that can only really be experienced—descriptions simply don’t do it justice.

Until next week!



Benjamin Rains