Published: Sept. 4, 2015

Campus 2After almost four months away, I am once again back in Boulder. I am unbelievably starting my ninth semester here and somehow, knowing this does not surprise me. This could very much be because I have indeed been back in Boulder four times already, which means that I have mastered several skills around the city when September comes around.

Indeed, I now know exactly how to get around the city for any purposes (especially now that Uber operates in the city). I do remember not having a clue about what exactly I could do or where exactly I could go as a freshman. Anybody who’s spent at least one semester here should be familiar with certain places names such as: Pearl Street, 29th Street Mall, the Hill, Food Court on the Hill, the C4C, Boulder Century Theatre, the Fox Theatre and several more. I’ll talk about some of those places later.

Another skill that I have acquired is simply to know just how our campus is organized. Being a freshman here can be stressful when it comes to walking around the campus, finding the right building for classes, choosing an adequate dining hall around you, figuring out where the BuffBus stops are located to get around quickly. It’s all right if you get lost; after all, CU-Boulder is considered to have one of the 30 America’s most beautiful college campuses according to Travel + Leisure magazine.Campus 1

Nevertheless, something I haven’t been used to on campus over the years, is how much more diverse the student body is growing every year and I am extremely delighted by this. Perhaps it is the ever growing number of international undergraduate students every year. Perhaps it is just CU-Boulder undergraduate classes reaching new records of academic qualifications and diversity. Naturally, I believe that a more diverse campus means a more open-minded student body. I can’t wait to see how it culturally affects the dynamics of the overall student experience here at CU.

All in all, it seems like I am all ready to start this new (and last) year at CU-Boulder. I am enjoying the environment and the energy right now. And what better way to bridge my way into the professional world, next May. Exciting!