Published: Sept. 4, 2015

You’re sitting in your dorm room with your new roommate and you’ve just said goodbye to Picture 1
your parents for a little while. It was slightly difficult, but you feel like a brand new person—one with responsibilities, endless opportunities, and sweet freedom! This is an exciting new change, you should be looking forward to all the possibilities that lie before you!

You’ve just embarked on an entirely new chapter of your life … COLLEGE. Better yet, college at one of the most beautiful and inspirational campuses in America! The University of Colorado Boulder is abundant with beautiful infrastructure and awe-inspiring sights. The students at CU are lucky enough to experience this breathtaking view of the Flatirons every day on their walk to class, which is beautiful no matter which season. (Which changes very often in this fickle, wonderful, sunshine state!)

Make sure to snap a pic under the Farrand Field sign, one of the most instagrammed spots on campus. Farrand Field is a great spot to eat, read, socialize, sunbathe on the warm days, toss a Frisbee, people-watch, slack-line (If you’ve never heard of this activity, you’ll see it all around, in Boulder and between the trees on campus), have jam sessions, play with other students dogs for stress relief, hammock … the list goes on! One of the most notable events that occurs here is the Welcome Fest concert during the first weekend before classes. Complete with free food, prizes, electronic bands and a sea of dancing college kids, this is an event you don’t want to miss! Farrand and the dorms surrounding it have one of the most beautiful views of the Flatirons.

Picture 7The scenery isn’t even the best part of being a student here. The best part is the down-to-earth, eccentric, athletic, driven, creative, hilarious, ingenious, talented, and relatable friends that you will be surrounded by for the best years of your life. Do you like swimming? There’s a competitive team and a club team for that. What about student media? Feminism? No matter what you’re into, there’s clubs and communities for almost every interest, and of course; the population of fellow skiers, snowboarders, and hiking buddies is in high supply… (And hallelujah for that!)

I had an amazing experience getting close to the girls on my floor and developing a friendship with my Resident Advisor, Helen. Myth: all RAs will try to get you in trouble. On the contrary, your RA is there to help and support you in any way they can through your first year of college. They aren’t out to get you—they are some of the most involved, talented, and fun people and they are there to help you!

Everyone comes into college from different places and different backgrounds, but we all go through the experience of being a college freshman at CU! So open your dorm door (and leave it open) to meet your peers! You might just find the best of friends…

(Some of my Buckingham floor mates from last year (left to right, front row): Aubrey, Laura, Jordan, Chandler and Max, (back row): Elise, Morgan and Cleo.)

You will make some of your lifelong best friends your freshman year!

Harper Brown
Written by Harper Brown