Earn-Learn Apprenticeship

CU Engineering provides financial support for students while they work part-time in the college. Students work for a sponsoring department or program in ways that both further their own education and serve the needs of the sponsoring unit.  

  • Examples of positions include providing lab or course support, tutoring, preparing educational materials, and participating in outreach activities with K-12 students. Interested in research activities? Refer to the discovery learning page. Funding for the apprenticeship program is provided by both the sponsoring unit and individual/corporate donors or the dean of the college.
  • Departments are responsible for screening, interviewing, hiring and supervising their earn-learn apprentices. Departments submit their candidates for final approval to the Dean’s Office.
  • In addition to completing any work assigned by their supervisors, earn-learn apprentices are required to write a thank-you letter to their donor. Donors to the earn-learn program enjoy the satisfaction that comes from knowing that they are helping students work their way through college, while the college benefits from the apprentices’ service.

Apprentice Positions

As an apprentice, you’ll earn an hourly wage while working part-time in the college. 

You’ll benefit by:

  • Learning new skills
  • Earning money (minimum $15/hr)
  • Improving your marketability

Earn-Learn apprentices are partially funded by the hiring department or program. The remainder of the funding is provided by the college or a donor to the college. Requirements vary by position. 

All apprentices will be expected to:

  • Complete online Discrimination and Harassment Awareness Training
  • Write a thank-you letter to the donor who supports you (if assigned donor funding)