Discovery learning allows you to conduct research in an area related to your interests with faculty, graduate students, and industry or government partners.  Participating in discovery learning activities is beneficial if you’re considering an advanced degree or a career in academia.

Undergraduate engineering students in the Discovery Learning Apprenticeship Program earn hourly wages while engaging in research with college faculty and graduate students. Students learn hands-on techniques, gain insight to a field of study, and learn life skills such as time management, flexibility and how to be part of a team. Positions are announced in early April and applications are accepted in late April for apprenticeships during the following academic year.

Other Opportunities Include:

The National Science Foundation supports Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs) with grants to faculty members throughout the college, providing students with stipends and, in some cases, assistance with housing and travel, as they work on research projects. Inquiries should be directed to your department, or you can look for summer REU opportunities at other universities via the NSF website for REU site locations.