CU engineering students who enhance their education through a range of active learning experiences are eligible to earn an award for it at graduation. The Active Learning Award recognizes participation in three different kinds of hands-on learning experiences: discovery, service, and professional learning. Undergraduate students who participate in all three areas will receive an active learning medal at graduation.

The award was created in 2004 to support the college’s strong belief that active learning enriches a student’s education and better prepares them to excel in the world through leadership and service.   

To earn an Active Learning Award, you must have participated in each of the three types of active learning (discoveryservice, and professional) and you must submit an application by the posted deadline.  An individualized email including the application will be sent to all students the semester of the term in which they have applied for graduation. Applications will generally be emailed one month prior to the application due date; therefore, if you apply for graduation after that date, you will need to contact Sharon Anderson directly to receive an application.

*Note: Summer graduates are given the opportunity to submit an application so that they are able to wear the medal at spring graduation ceremonies. Just be sure to have applied for graduation by the same deadlines as spring graduates and an application will be emailed to you.

It is recommended that you print out or save a copy for your records. You will be provided this option after you complete the online application.

Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page before contacting us if you have any questions.

Award Recipients

Fall 2016

Katy Bilisoly, Emma Griffey, Virginia Schilling, Diana Southard

Spring 2017

Yasser Albarakat, Anthony Anglin, Joseph Arehart, Devon Baummer, Lea Connors, Priscilla Dao, Alec Fiala, Lilian Garcia, Lewis Gillis, Samantha Guillies, Allison Hadjis, Hashim Al Hajji, Matthew Hurst, Andrew Jones, Amy Keuhlen, Ji-Hoon Kim, Sarah LaFasto, Matthew Malone, John Martineau, Aaron McCusker, Bryan Melonis, Chelsea Mink, Scott Oubre, Midori Patterson, Kevin Paynter, Jonathan Reichanadter, Bennett Salvesen, Sydney Salzwedel, Ryan Schoeber, Tanya Schulz, Ahmed Shahid, Himanshi Singhal, Jane Song, Adam St.Amand, Alexandrea Viert, Caroline Warly Solsberg, Holli Williamson, Andrew Wylde, Yanyu Xiong

Summer 2017




Fall 2015

Jason Barton, Sierra Dontanville, Frank Erdesz, Caroline Hughes, Domenic Murtari, Jiwan Rana, John Toth, Melissa Velisek

Spring 2016

Olivia Abrant, Samuel Bacon, Aly Badran, Grayson Bender, Thomas Brunsgaard, Miranda Butler, Cassidy Cisneros, Grant Crist, Victoria Danner, Ciera Dolechek, Jacob Dysart, Scott Fiedler, Patricia Finnegan, Haley Goddard, Thomas Green, Benjamin Grenier, Benjamin Grote, Ariel Hoffman, Brenden Hogan, Christopher Huth, Andrew Kee, Samuel Korn, Shu Lee, Austin Lin, Clare Livingston, Huikang Ma, Torin McCue, Jordan McNally, Christopher Moody, Andrew Moscovich, Michael Mulder, Davis Peterson, Kevin Pickard, Josiane Proulx, Massiel Puentes-Reyes, David Rappaport, Xiaohan Shi, Matthew Slavik, Abigail Stover, Matthew Sturm, Ian Thom, Whitney Thomas, Catherine Villa, Xiang Wang, Andrew Weidner, Erica Weiner, Andrew Willett, Clare Wise, Rena Yang

Summer 2016

Tessa Melli, Paige Prusiner