Project Description

SpectrumX, initiated by a 5-year, $25M center grant from the U.S. National Science Foundation, is the world’s largest academic hub where all radio spectrum stakeholders can innovate, collaborate, and contribute to maximizing social welfare of this precious resource.

SpectrumX brings together broad and synergistic research capabilities from a team of 41 founding researchers and staff from 27 universities, including 14 minority serving institutions (MSIs), a key federal research facility, and a pioneering corporate partner; a multitude of relationships across industry, government, and academia; and significant experience in interdisciplinary research collaboration, policy engagement, and educating students at all levels about spectrum use and related topics.

We are looking for a student with interest in the radio spectrum who can support ongoing radio spectrum sensing work.  This includes a review of current software defined radio technologies, testing of software defined radio technology such as the ADAM Pluto, Ettus N2XX, RTL-SDR, Red Pataya and other related work.


Special Requirements

The student must have attention to detail, an ability to work independently and available to spend 4 our more hours per week working in the lab in the Smead Aerospace building on east campus.