Project Desciption

This project is about simulating and either measuring (or working with another student to measure) signal integrity (SI) problems in high-speed digital engineering (HSDE). Clock frequencies and data rates are increasing, driven by the high growth rate of internet traffic and computer processing power. For most electronic products, signal-integrity effects begin to be important at clock frequencies above about 100 MHz or rise times shorter than about 1 nsec. Interconnects, like circuit boards and connectors, are not transparent. If you don’t design them correctly SI problems can ruin any product.

This research project will focus on the industry established best design and simulation practices.  At their core, these problems arise due to the interactions of the electromagnetic fields of the signals and the conductor and dielectric properties of the interconnects. Engineers skilled in HSDE SI make significant positive impacts on product design working at large companies such as AMD, Cisco, TI, Intel and Apple. 

In this project the student will learn a simulation tool (or maybe more than one) from Keysight or Siemens or Ansys to do analysis of leading edge signal integrity problems.  

Special Requirement

  • Student must have taken or be enrolled in ECEN3400 Electromagnetic Fields and Waves.
  • Being enrolled in ECEN3410 Electromagnetic Waves and Transmission would be a plus but not essential.
  • GPA is not a main concern but a drive to learn and try to new things and having good time management is essential. I can work with on this with you, but please make sure you are clear this is an issue we need to work on, because it is essential to working with me. 
  • Student must be confident enough to interact with and contribute to a small research team of undergraduate and graduate students in all sorts of roles as a part of your learning process, we can work on this as a part of your learning. 
  • Student must have the ability to work independently once basic skills are established - there is creativity in this project and I mentor towards a goal - I will not be defining every step you should take - I encourage risks and see "failure" as exploring and learning and the right path to ultimate success.