Project Description

This project will be educational research focusing on  the nationwide problem of recruiting highschool students into electrical engineering. There are a few current hypothesis on why there is such a problem but they have not fixed the problem, even with a lot of resources put into them. This project will review research related to the problem and we will work together to creatively come up with and do some outreach activities and assess their effectiveness. There are many directions this research can go. I have a clear idea of what I want to do, but I am open to input if the student has a passion for a specific direction. We will spend the first few weeks laying out the plan for the year and then begin right away so we can execute and do assessment in the DLA timeframe. You will do workshops or online training as needed to learn the skills necessary to setup and run the outreach and do the assessment. This will be a fun project that could have a substantial impact. I am hoping to also look a diversity through our framework.

Special Requirement

GPA is not a main concern but a drive to learn and try to new things and having good time management is essential. I can work with on this with you, but please make sure you are clear this is an issue we need to work on, because it is essential to working with me. 

Student must be confident enough to interact with professionals in all sorts of roles as a part of your learning process, we can work on this as a part of your learning. Student must have the ability to work independently once basic skills are established. There is creativity in this project and I mentor towards a goal. I will not be defining every step you should take. I encourage risks and see "failure" as exploring and learning and the right path to ultimate success.