Project Description

Over-farming has led to soil degradation in areas that have been pivotal for maintaining the agricultural landscape. One way that we are able to prevent this issue from progressing is by monitoring the health of soil during growing seasons and using this information to inform farming practices. Our lab is looking to combine natural materials such as beeswax, and conductive polymers in order to create biodegradable inks that can be used as a basis for simple and reliable printed soil health sensors, with tunable sensitivity. The student’s main tasks will consist of exploring various ink formulations, testing device designs, and collecting long-term experimental data. Other tasks may include reviewing literature and assisting with material characterization. Ideally, the student will be able to work independently, although this will not always be necessary.

Special Requirement

  • Majors: Chemical & biological engineering (required)
  • Year: Junior/Senior. Wet lab experience is required.
    • Juniors. Junior will be considered only with previous lab research experience. Wet lab experience is required. Work with polymers is a plus.
  • Work type: In-person (with minor at-home tasks if and when necessary, such as literature reviews or data analysis).