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"Over the years, our licensing program has changed in ways that increasingly capitalize on the content knowledge of the teacher candidates. However, the strength of our program lies in the fact that we are very committed to the idea that you have to be properly trained before you go into the classroom, so students who go through our program come out with both content expertise and pedagogical expertise."

—Dean Lorrie Shepard,
School of Education

Handbook of Accreditation Categories

The resources included in this section are prescribed by the HLC Handbook on Accreditation and will be available to the NCA consultant–evaluator team during the Site Visit in February 2010. Listings without hyperlinks will be available on paper in the Physical Resource Room only.

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  1. Minutes of major organizational committees, including self-study committee
  2. Reports referenced in the self-study report or used by working committees
  3. Policies and procedures related to curriculum adoption, review, and evaluation
  4. Policies on learning resources, including libraries, and formal agreements for the shared use of learning resources
  5. Policies on interaction with other academic organizations and programs
    • Agreement with Mesa State
    • Joint Agreement with Laboratories (NREL) - Hard copy in Physical Resource Room
    • Supplemental Lease Between JILA and NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) - Hard copy in Physical Resource Room
    • International Affiliations through the Office of International Education
    • School District Policies, Procedures and Agreements - Hard copy in Physical Resource Room
  6. Policies for allocation and use of computer resources
  7. Budgets and expenditure reports for units, programs, and the organization as a whole, and the organizational audits, at least for the prior five years
    • Budget Data Books (Fiscal Years 2005-09)
    • Annual Financial Audits (Fiscal Years 2004-09)
    • Current Funds Expenditures by Unit for Fiscal Year 2009 - Hard copy in Physical Resource Room
    • Current Perspective for Fiscal Years 2009 and 2010
    • Intercollegiate Athletics Accountants' Report (Fiscal Years 2007, 2008, 2009) - Hard copies in Physical Resource Room
  8. Physical facilities master plan
  9. Maintenance plans
    • Hard copies in Physical Resource Room
  10. Catalogs, bulletins, viewbooks, and other promotional literature
  11. Academic admission, good standing, and completion policies
  12. Policies related to the employment, orientation, supervision, and evaluation of full-time faculty, part-time faculty, and teaching assistants
  13. Faculty, student, and staff handbooks
  14. Bylaws of faculty and staff assemblies or other representative bodies
  15. Governance documents: charter, bylaws, policies, membership, minutes, reports
  16. A complete roster of all faculty members (full- and part-time) and their teaching assignments during the current academic term
    • On flash drive sent to all Site Team members
    • Hard copy in Physical Resource Room
  17. Formal agreements for all consortia or contractual relationships
    • Paper copies of the following Financial Aid Documents are on file in the Office of Financial Aid and will be made available on request:
      • PPA (Program Participation Agreements)
      • FISAP (Fiscal Operations Report and Application to Participate)
    • Additional questions regarding this category may be addressed by John Sleeman, Senior Managing University Counsel (303-492-7481)
  18. Student service policies (residence, governance, health, financial aid, student records), and the refund policy
  19. Board rosters, charters, and bylaws, including those of separately incorporated entities (e.g., research, development
    • Board of Regents
    • University of Colorado Foundation
      • Governance Structure - Hard copy in Physical Resource Room
      • Committee Charters (7 Committees) - Hard copy in Physical Resource Room
      • Bylaws - Hard copy in Physical Resource Room
      • Operating Agreement Between the University of Colorado and the CU Foundation - Hard copy in Physical Resource Room
      • Agreement for Development Services - Hard copy in Physical Resource Room
      • Agreement Regarding Alumni Services - Hard copy in Physical Resource Room
  20. Reports from other agencies or accrediting bodies
    • University of Colorado at Boulder (general accreditation)
    • Hard copies of reports from other agencies or accrediting bodies for:
      • Business
      • Clinical Psychology
      • Education
      • Engineering and Applied Sciences
      • International English Center (IEC)
      • Journalism
      • Law School
      • Music
      • Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences
      • University of Colorado Museum
      • Wardenburg Health Center
  21. Documents concerning Title III compliance and recertification
    • The University of Colorado at Boulder is not Title III eligible. Please refer to the Federal Compliance section for more.
  22. Third party comment notices
  23. Additional Items of Interest
    • Title IX Advisor Interim Report
    • Faculty Teaching Excellence Program -- Colorado Learning Analysis Studies
    • Geosciences Initiative -- Initiative Description and Preliminary Guiding Document
    • Office of Discrimination and Harassment Fiscal Year 2008-09 Report
    • Glory Colorado, Volumes I and II
    • ACE Internationalization Laboratory Preliminary Report
    • iStem Initiative Information
    • Preliminary Report from the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Task Force - Hard copy in the Physical Resource Room
  24. Outreach and Engagement -- Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies of Interest
    • Major policy sources – laws of regents, faculty handbook, APS's. with links
    • Assorted materials provided by Anne Heinz in Physical Resource Room


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