Researcher in Residence
Digital Accessibility Office

On academic leave until the end of 2021.

Kevin is the lead researcher for the Digital Accessibility Office (DAO) and is a fifth year PhD student in the department of Anthropology. Research for DAO began in June 2017 and concluded in February 2020. His research for the Digital Accessibility Office is grounded in ethnographic methods and the holistic tradition of anthropological inquiry. The research has been focused on the lived experiences of low vision and blind students at the University of Colorado across the digital, academic, social, and physical environments. Kevin’s research takes seriously how these intersecting environments can unintentionally result in disabling experiences for low vision and blind students. The aim of the research is to inform university policy and practice on the goals of inclusivity and diversity. The research is currently used to inform accessibility related trainings, create campus awareness on accessibility, and strengthen and develop professional relationships between groups that work on accessibility. More broadly, he hopes that his research will bring attention to disabled students and how their experiences, as an underrepresented population at the university, are equally important to the experiences of populations with higher representation. 

He is currently working towards a PhD in Anthropology, and earned his M.A. in Medical Anthropology from the University of Colorado, Denver in 2014. He completed undergraduate studies at MSU Denver in 2009 with a double major in Anthropology and History.