To learn more about this year's slate of events, submit presentations, or sign up to attend, visit the Diverse Learners Awareness Week website.

Diverse Learners Awareness Week is a time for the University of Colorado to celebrate the diversity of ways in which people learn.

Chancellor DiStefano’s message of inclusive excellence promotes an all-encompassing definition of diversity that includes the full spectrum of persons with disabilities, from physical to cognitive impairment, as well as other aspects of diversity including race, gender, sexual orientation, class, size, age, religious affiliation, national origin and culture.

By celebrating our rich diversity of learners, the University of Colorado deepens its commitment to fully accessible learning spaces and inclusive excellence. From using assistive technologies and strategies for organizing information to shaping your own academic path through independent study, we want you to be involved in sharing the unique ways you learn and play at CU.


Sponsored by CU-Boulder OIT and Disability Services. If you have questions, email