When choosing between on-campus and off-campus testing, it is useful to understand how AUL prioritizes testing requests. If your service is among the high-priority services for the lab, it is likely to be tested quickly; if it is a low priority, there can be a wait of several weeks or months or the testing may be completely out of the lab’s scope and the service owner should engage a third party consultant to do the testing of accessibility (if you are uncertain where to find a consultant, we can provide some direction).

Services that get a high priority in the testing queue include:

  • Services that are listed in of the Department of Justice inquiry

  • Services that are labeled “critical” in the OIT service catalog

  • Services that affect the broadest user audiences (e.g. all students vs. a small group of  students; academic versus administrative or research services)

  • New service launches (no new OIT service or campuswide ICT service should be launched without prior accessibility testing)

  • Time-sensitive launches/emergencies (an emergency as determined by the Chief Digital Accessibility Officer)