We are holding a virtual office hour from 11am to noon (MST) on Tuesdays every other week on Zoom at https://cuboulder.zoom.us/j/9266501042 Sessions are open to all CU Boulder faculty, staff and students, as well as everyone on all the CU system campuses. Attendance is usually around 15 people, and has varied from 7 to 50 in the past. Each session includes a discussion topic presented by our staff and then continues with open discussion. For further questions, please contact us at aul@colorado.edu. We hope to see you there - come and stay for the whole hour or come for just a short while.

Upcoming sessions

  • July 31, 11am-12pm - Open discussion: what do we want our required accessibility training to look like?
  • August 14, 11am-12pm - Thoughts from two conferences with 5 letter names: AHEAD and COLTT
  • August 28, 11am-12pm - From test results to documentation and demo videos: Canvas Accessibility (Anna Reid and Laura Hamrick)
  • September 11, 11am-12pm - A technology issue or a social justice issue? Results from our research program (Kevin Darcy)
  • September 25, 11am-12pm - Implementing Universal Design for Learning - Comparing the approaches at University of Denver and CU Boulder (Anna Reid)

Past sessions