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Degrees Offered: 

Undergraduate Admission

The Certificate in Western American studies offers students at CU­ Boulder a unique regional studies curriculum. The interdisciplinary format allows an exploration of the region’s characteristic and evolving issues: from its flora and fauna to its history and literature; and from the political, social, cultural, economic and environmental concerns facing Westerners to the landscapes and ecosystems that they inhabit.The certificate requires 18­credit hours and includes an introductory course and a capstone course; it also allows students to choose the remaining four classes from a variety of academic areas. In this way, students are able to piece together a survey of the American West that aligns with their own unique interests. 

The Center for the American West believes in community and in helping students feel more at home within the larger university. As such, the center hosts dinners each semester where students and faculty can get to know each other as well as various noteworthy featured guests in a more social, off­campus environment. Students enrolled in the program are also eligible to apply for the Beardsley Family Scholarship, and the center welcomes applications from all CU­ Boulder students for its annual Thompson Awards writing contest.

Undergraduate Degree Requirements