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Degrees Offered: 
Minor, BA, MA, PhD

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Undergraduate Admission

Graduate Admission

The Department of Media Studies specializes in sophisticated, cutting-edge research on the media technologies that underlie contemporary culture, economy and politics. Students learn how media industries, practices and narratives shape how we think about and relate to the world around us. Enter our tight-knit community and participate in innovative research projects that engage emerging technology practices, seek to understand new digital cultures and strive to change society in meaningful ways.

Undergraduate Opportunities

Media Studies Minor

The minor in Media Studies allows students to choose from among a wide array course offerings, which focuses on contemporary media topics.

BA in Media Studies

The BA program emphasizes the creative and analytical skills needed to make sense of current and future trends in media and to gain a deep understanding of the history and development of various means and forms of communication.

Stduents will explore media theory, history, criticism, practices, popular culture, technology and emerging cultures are enhanced by practical training in media design, storytelling, digital art, online community engagement, documentary filmmaking and social media.

Undergraduate Degree Requirements

Graduate Studies

MA in Media and Public Engagement

The MA program is a 2-year immersion in the practice and theory of media advocacy. It offers critical study of the history, institutions, economics and social implications of the media, nationally and globally, combined with a practice-based media training geared toward civic engagement and community building. In addition to completing courses in media theory and other fields of interest, students will have the opportunity to create thoughtful and engaging projects using a variety of media practices including documentary film, multimedia websites, interactive video installations and digital platforms.

PhD in Media Studies 

The PhD program is a distinct track within the umbrella PhD in Media Research and Practice (MDRP). Drawing largely from contemporary cultural and critical theory, the Media Studies PhD program focuses on interactions among the major components of modern communication — media institutions, their contents and messages, and their audiences or publics — as a process by which cultural meaning is generated. It examines that process on an interdisciplinary basis through social, economic, political, historical, legal/policy/regulatory and international perspectives, with a strong emphasis on issues involving new communication technology and policy.

Graduate Degree Requirements