Eaton Humanities

Degrees Offered: 
BA, Minor

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Undergraduate Admission

As an interdisciplinary program, humanities is committed to a profoundly comparative perspective that enables students and teachers to bring together not only different arts and disciplines, but also works drawn from diverse eras and cultures. The program helps students: develop an understanding of complex works of human expression through analysis of the style, structure and cultural context; gain habits of analysis and critical thinking; sharpen the expression of clear thought both in writing and speech; and expand one’s sense of human history by recognizing meaningful connections between the past and present. 

Past humanities graduates have entered positions in business, education, government, industry, international relations, media, social services and the performing arts. A major in humanities also provides a fine pre­professional background for students who plan to go to graduate school or into health sciences, law school, library sciences or public administration.

Undergraduate Opportunities

The humanities major is an interdisciplinary program designed for students who wish to concentrate in more than one field or discipline. The major leads to a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree and offers considerable flexibility, but courses should be chosen in consultation with your primary advisor. Areas of concentration include a humanities-related discipline or a single language and its literature. Students interested in preparing for graduate work in comparative literature or other areas requiring extensive language training may want to select the language track option.

Undergraduate Degree Requirements