Group of engineers around a model

Engineering Plus is a degree program in the College of Engineering and Applied Science at CU Boulder. An e+ degree prepares students for a broad range of exciting professional careers and for graduate study in a wide variety of disciplines. Engineering Plus students take Foundational Coursework, study Engineering Core courses, select an e+ Emphasis, and choose an e+ Concentration.

Students study their engineering passion by selecting an e+ Emphasis in Aerospace, Architectural, Civil, Electrical, Environmental or Mechanical. Students also explore an additional passion either within, or external to, engineering through their chosen e+ Concentration. These degree components provide a pathway through engineering for students interested in interdisciplinary, hands-on engineering design.

Undergraduate Opportunities

Engineering Plus is a flexible, customizable design­-focused degree program. It is comprised of four or more design courses, five core engineering courses, about five courses within a disciplinary emphasis (aerospace, mechanical, architectural, civil or environmental engineering) and 12 or more credits in a pre-­approved concentration such as CU Teach Engineering, Engineering Management, Business, Technology or Arts and Media.

E+ students acquire professional skills in leadership, collaboration and communication in multiple team-­based design courses. These skills enable graduates to enter fields like secondary science, math or engineering teaching; engineering design; analysis, modeling and measurement; or technical sales. The degree is an ideal fit for students who want to be licensed as secondary science or math teachers, who have ambitions in engineering that may not fit into traditional degree structures or those who plan to attend professional school outside of engineering (such as law, medicine or business).

Undergraduate Degree Requirements