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Engineering management is a technically based management program for the engineering fields. The combination of management concepts and technical focus allows working professionals and new graduates to acquire the management skills necessary to advance in today's technical world. The program allows technically minded people to learn and practice data­-driven management, develop leadership capabilities and apply proven principles for business performance improvement. The core curriculum focuses on the business basics of project management, finance and accounting, quality management and leadership in engineering settings. Graduates master the basics of project management, marketing, quality management, leadership, finance and accounting, and are well­-qualified to enter careers in quality assurance, staff systems, IT, systems engineering, software engineering, production management, project management and database engineering.

Undergraduate Opportunities

The Lockheed Martin Engineering Management Program at CU­ Boulder provides a qualitative, graduate-­level curriculum that engages and attracts working engineers and technical professionals, providing them with the education to effectively assume management responsibilities, whether as members of a team or within an organization’s formal management structure.

Students may complete the Master of Engineering, or any of 10 graduate certificates and two professional certifications, at a distance (participating live or asynchronously) or while in the classroom and interacting directly with faculty and fellow students. CU’s program integrates technology, policy and regulatory worlds, completing the set of skills and knowledge that executives and business leaders need. Courses are taught by PhD faculty with executive­level experience in the private sector as part of a curriculum with immediate applicability.

Although the EMP does not involve traditional research projects, many students and alumni play active roles in research endeavors as part of their curriculum, internships and careers. EMP students actively participate in market research, statistical modeling, data analysis and research methods. Many students are also given an opportunity for direct application of their research through participation in EMP’s Center for Business Performance Improvement, a program offering clients world­class professional consultation by university faculty in their area of specialty as well as graduate student project work, depending on the objectives of the organization.

Undergraduate Degree Requirements

Graduate Studies

The engineering management program offers a number of graduate certificates, each of which gives students a foundation of knowledge and a set of skills that focus on specific technical and management methods, as well as best practices, that are immediately applicable to the workplace. The certificates are crucial to the process of developing or improving a specialized expertise, and demonstrate that a student has completed a series of strategically-­designed graduate level courses in a specific area of study. Certificates include: CU Employee Leadership and Management, Engineering Entrepreneurship, Engineering Management, Leadership and Management, Managing Applied Research in Technology, Performance Excellence in Technology Management, Project Management, Quality Systems for Product and Process Engineering, Renewable and Sustainable Energy, Six Sigma Statistical Practitioner, Technology Ventures and Product Management, Undergraduate Engineering Management and Water Engineering and Management.

Graduate Degree Requirements