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The School of Education offers programs that prepare individuals to lead in a wide array of educational settings, including teaching in K­12 classrooms, conducting educational research, developing evidence­informed policy and designing innovative learning environments both in schools and in community­based settings.

The school is dedicated to inspiring and preparing educators, researchers and policy makers who understand and further the democratic foundations of education, who are committed to social justice, who seek to bring about greater equity and access in education and who will draw upon evidence­informed policy and practice to improve the quality of education in both Colorado and the world.

Undergraduate Opportunities

Minor in Education

The education minor is designed for students who are interested in education, but who do not necessarily want to become K­12 teachers in the public school system. The program is particularly aimed at students who are interested in: working in informal settings such as community­based after­school programs or youth volunteer organizations; serving in the Peace Corps; understanding issues of equity and social justice; studying more deeply how political, cultural, social and historical dynamics shape policy and practice in education; and exploring education as a field of study and practice. The education minor consists of two components: seven hours of core courses and 12 hours of elective course work.

Education Minor Degree Requirements

Minor in Leadership Studies

The leadership studies minor is a valuable academic program available to all undergraduates regardless of major or college. The program provides academically based leadership training that incorporates the broad context of leadership theory, gaining a historical context of leadership, developing core competencies and practicing and observing leadership experiences.

Students who pair the leadership studies minor with their chosen field of study develop essential and distinguishing skills that offer an important credential in the job exploration process. The minor involves 16 credit hours of course work, including a foundations course, electives and a capstone course.

Leadership Minor Degree Requirements