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Degrees Offered: 
Minor, BA, MFA, PhD, Certificate

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Undergraduate Admission

Graduate Admission

The Department of Critical Media Practices addresses the how and why of creative practices in the 21st century. Pursuing a Media Production degree from the Department of Critical Media Practices means creating and thinking about media in completely new and innovative ways.  

Students will also learn critical perspectives so they can place media practices within a broad cultural and historical continuum of innovation. 

Undergraduate Opportunities

Media Production Minor

Students majoring in any discipline may pursue a minor in Media Production. The minor is 19 credit hours, with three required media production courses that combine theory with technical skill in order to prepare students for upper division study.

BA in Media Production

The BA degree prepares you for a career as an innovative media creator for the 21st century. In small classes, students will explore a wide range of production topics and gain skills to help take their creative work further, as well as to think about creativity as a way to communicate complex ideas. Class topics include creating nonfiction multimedia projects, production for small screens, public performance, interactive media and web media.  

Undergraduate Degree Requirements

Graduate Studies

MFA in Interdisciplinary Documentary Media Practices

The MFA is a terminal, three-year degree for students seeking an immersive experience in documentary media practices. The program’s Documentary Lab provides experience in all phases of production and fosters an environment of investigation and collaboration.

PhD in Emergent Technologies and Media Art Practices

The PhD is a practice-directed program of scholarly research into new media practices, theories and innovations in art and technology. Students will both experiment with, and research, the media and artistic practices they study. 

Graduate Certificate in Interdisciplinary Documentary Media Practices

The graduate certificate is open to any student pursuing a graduate degree in any department at CU Boulder. The program aims to meaningfully integrate documentary practices within primary research and creative process. Students will develop both analytical and production skills across a wide range of platforms, practices and technologies while simultaneously placing them within the broader perspective of culture and history. 

Graduate Degree Requirements

Research Opportunities

The program’s documentary lab gives students experience in all phases of production and fosters an environment of investigation and collaboration. By engaging students and DCMP faculty with faculty from other departments, like film, anthropology, media studies, art and art history and journalism, the program creates a distinctive interdisciplinary approach.