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Undergraduate Opportunities

Computer science is concerned with how computers are constructed, how they store and process data, how they are used in problem solving and how the quality of those solutions are assessed. It is about the science of creating software for a variety of users and understanding how that software interacts with the hardware on which it is run. Computer science goes well beyond the machine to the study of how people interact with the technologies around them. 

Computer science graduates from the University of Colorado Boulder are engaged in a wide variety of jobs with many different companies in locations all over the world. Graduates are, of course, software developers, but they’ve also become teachers, writers, doctors, lawyers, scientists, military leaders and entrepreneurs. They work at some of the largest, most influential companies in the world, at research institutions, non­profits and at the smallest start­ups of every type imaginable. And many lead highly successful companies that they themselves have founded.

Undergraduate Degree Requirements

Research Opportunities

The Department of Computer Science supports its own domain,, as well as a modern computing infrastructure that supports its research and educational missions. The department has a variety of computing facilities for use by faculty, staff and students. These include general purpose computing labs provided by the university, additional instructional labs and administrative computing resources provided by the department, and specialized labs dedicated to the work of individual research groups. A wide variety of computing resources are available so that students have the opportunity to learn about and use cutting­edge equipment and software.

The department provides networking opportunities throughout the year for students to meet with companies that are looking to hire students for paid internships. The department’s location in Boulder, with its tech startup community, national research labs and traditional tech companies such as Google, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft provides students with computer science skills as well as a range of employment opportunities.