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Degrees Offered: 
Minor, BA, MA, PhD

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Undergraduate Admission

Graduate Admission

In the Department of Communication, you will learn about communication practices that underlie all of our social interactions, both in face-to-face interaction and in new forums, such as social media.

The department offers programs leading to bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees with emphases in organizational communication, discourse and society, and rhetoric and culture. Graduate students may pursue research within one of these areas or craft individualized programs of study that cut across the areas and combine humanistic and social scientific methods.

Undergraduate Opportunities

Minor in Communication

A minor in Communication will introduce students to theories that allow them to understand how communication creates the worlds we live in and will provide tools to analyze and potentially change real-world processes and problems. This minor will also offer the chance to develop practical skills to apply in students' professional, personal, and civic life. In the process, students will get a broad exposure to the study of communication as it occurs in interpersonal, group, organizational, and public settings.

BA in Communication

The BA in Communication provides a broad-based liberal arts degree designed to foster students’ abilities to understand, analyze, and effectively engage in a wide range of communication practices. The major provides instruction and practice in the skills of effective communication and collaborative problem-solving that employers are looking for—speaking, writing, reading, listening, asking good questions, utilizing media and working in groups. The mix of theory and practice gives students the tools to improve communication performance and critical awareness of it across many situations.

Undergraduate Degree Requirements

Graduate Studies

Graduate study focuses on engaged scholarship that addresses communication-based problems arising from recent social and technological changes, especially problems associated with processes of interaction, collaboration and participation, deliberation and decision making.

Graduate students pursue research within three main areas—Community & Social Interaction, Organizational Communication and Rhetoric and Culture—crafting individualized programs of study that meet their individual needs.

MA in Communication

The master’s program serves, primarily, individuals seeking to complete the PhD at CU Boulder or at another institution, as well as those seeking this terminal degree. Students wishing to continue in the department’s PhD program must reapply at that time. In consultation with an advisor, master’s students may select one of two options for the completion of requirements: Thesis or Coursework with Examination.

PhD in Communication

Our doctoral program is one of the premier programs in the world, providing graduate students with advanced work in the communication discipline that earns students academic positions at all levels of higher education, including research universities, liberal arts universities and teaching-centered colleges. The degree is also appropriate for some non-academic careers, such as organizational communication consulting.

Graduate Degree Requirements