Colorado Mesa University and the University of Colorado Boulder have a partnership that delivers the entire bachelor’s in engineering program in Grand Junction, Colorado. The first two years of the program are taught by CMU faculty and the second two years of the program are taught by CU Boulder Engineering faculty who work on the Colorado Mesa University campus in Grand Junction. Students in this program can earn degrees in mechanical, civil, or electrical and computer engineering.

The program gives students a rigorous background in these disciplines and prepares them for a wide range of careers in aerospace, biotechnology, hydrology, software development, natural resources, the automotive industry, robotics and more. Graduates will also be prepared to continue their education by pursuing a graduate degree.

Mechanical engineers are often referred to as the general practitioners of the engineering profession, and they work in nearly every area of technology using general concepts of design and manufacturing, fluid and solid mechanics and thermal and materials science.

Civil engineers design and supervise the construction of buildings and infrastructure, solving problems related to pollution, clean water, transportation, energy, climate change, urban development, and community planning.

Electrical and computer engineers make a difference in the world with contributions to medical devices, robotics, aerospace and energy. Nearly every industry relies on the expertise of electrical and computer engineering graduates, working with devices ranging from smartphones to hair dryers and solar panels.  

Students of the program engage in hands-on design projects as early as their first-year, and culminate the degree with senior design projects. The partnership program offers the option of small class sizes and close contact with faculty while delivering an engineering program equivalent to those found on the CU Boulder campus. Upon graduation, students receive a bachelor of science in mechanical, civil, or electrical and computer engineering from the University of Colorado Boulder. The partnership program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,

Degree Requirements

Civil Engineering   Mechanical Engineering   Electrical & Computer Engineering