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Degrees Offered: 
Minor, BS, MBA, MS, PhD, Certificate

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Undergraduate Admission

Graduate Admission

The study of business focuses on the study of workplace organizations and their operations, including methods of management and business strategies. Accounting, finance, management, entrepreneurship and marketing are a few areas of specialization within business, and students completing a business degree can expect to acquire knowledge about useful business policies, how businesses operate, how to successfully manage employees, how to manage finances and how marketplaces function.

Undergraduate Opportunities

Leeds offers a BS in Business Administration. Students are able to select an area of interest, such as accounting, finance, management entrepreneurship­­which includes human resources, operations, information management and strategy and entrepreneurship­­or marketing. Students benefit from hands­on learning provided by interactions with the local business community. A large number of students complete internships and/or work on class projects with local firms. Faculty, many of whom maintain strong ties with the business community, also foster student engagement and real­world experience.

The undergraduate curriculum emphasizes: knowledge of core business concepts; knowledge in one or more of the four areas of emphasis, in which students are exposed to in­depth study that provides them with the tools necessary to solve complex business problems; awareness of the interrelations between academic theory and practice; strong verbal and written communication skills, proficiency in business computer applications and knowledge of international business environments; knowledge of mathematics sufficient to facilitate the application of quantitative principles; and awareness of the importance of academic fields in the area of arts and sciences, with special emphasis on economics, political science and other related fields.

Students are also expected to acquire: the ability to apply basic business principles to solve problems in new and recurring situations; the ability to conceptualize and analyze decision­making situations to facilitate solutions in an effective and timely manner; and the ability to effectively communicate the results of problem­solving situations, both verbally and in writing.

Undergraduate Degree Requirements

Graduate Studies

The Leeds School of Business holds accreditation by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB­International). The Leeds School awards a Master of Science, a Master of Business Administration and a Doctor of Philosophy. 


The MBA program is designed to give students the flexibility to create a program that supports their personal and professional goals. Students take a set of core courses, as well as a number of electives that can be focused on one of the functional disciplines of finance, marketing, management or systems­operations. Focus areas can be further enhanced with specialities in entrepreneurship, real estate or sustainability. Graduate courses from outside the business school also add to each student’s unique skill set, as well as their desirability to employers. 


The PhD program at Leeds prepares students for research and teaching careers at leading universities by focusing on original research and dissemination of knowledge through teaching and publication. The areas of study offered for the PhD program are accounting, finance, marketing, information systems, operations management and strategic, organizational and entrepreneurial studies. The program is small so students can benefit from a high faculty­to­student ratio. Faculty are able to give students one-on­one attention, helping them to present at conferences, coauthor scholarly papers and develop successful dissertations. Students also work with faculty as research assistants and teaching classes, giving them the necessary experience to seek jobs in the academy.


The Leeds School offers a number of certificates for undergraduate students who want to customize their degree with a specialization. Students can select from the CU Business Intensive Certificate, the Global Business Certificate, the Certificate in Entrepreneurial Studies, the Operations and Information Management Certificate, the Quantitative Finance Certificate, the Real Estate Certificate, the Business of Sports certificate and the Certificate in Socially Responsible Enterprise.

Graduate Degree Requirements

Research Opportunities

In addition to offering mentoring relationships, a wide variety of leadership opportunities and academic and career advising, the Leeds School hosts six Centers of Excellence that bridge classroom experience with professional development. They include the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship, the Burridge Center for Finance, the Business Research Division, the Center for Education on Social Responsibility, the Center for Research on Consumer Financial Decision Making and the CU Real Estate Center. These centers promote meaningful dialogue among academics, business professionals, alumni and students, and sponsor a number of conferences, competitions and other professional events.