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Undergraduate Admission

Undergraduate Opportunities

Undergraduates interested in the literature, history and culture of Britain are encouraged to develop an interdisciplinary concentration in British and Irish studies. This work, to be completed in addition to a regular departmental major, will lead to a Certificate in British and Irish Studies from the Center for British and Irish Studies. The certificate demonstrates that the student has done serious work in several aspects of British and Irish studies and is advantageous when applying to graduate school or for jobs. It is open to students in Arts and Sciences as well as the professional colleges (e.g., CMCI and the Leeds School of Business).

The Center for British and Irish Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder promotes research and teaching in all aspects of British and Irish life, culture and history. Students working towards the certificate in British and Irish Studies are eligible to apply for travel fellowships and event funding opportunities to support the study of British and Irish issues. Students also have access to frequent lectures, performances and other events, in addition to the University of Colorado Libraries, which house one of the finest collections of British and Irish studies materials in the country, including some materials that are available nowhere else in the world.

Undergraduate Degree Requirements