The Department of Theatre & Dance offers an MA, MA/MBA, and a PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies. Our program is committed to an "On-Stage" approach to the history, theory, and practice of theatre around the world. Our courses place global dramatic texts and performance traditions in the context of contemporary performance, asking: How might this play work today? What challenges does it present the contemporary theatre maker? In what ways is it socially relevant? We encourage our graduate students to engage in the practice of theatre and performance, broadly construed. 

In our two-year MA in Theatre and Performance Studies, students can choose between a Thesis Track, where they write a substantial research document in preparation to apply to doctoral programs, or a Non-Thesis Track, which provides for a wider expanse of career preparation. The three-year MA/MBA in Theatre and Performance Studies is a dual degree program that allows students to earn both the MA in Theatre and Performance Studies and an MBA from the Leeds School of Business. The PhD program in Theatre and Performance Studies is a four-year degree, designed for those who intend to be theatre scholars working in an academic environment.

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GRE not required
Fall: December 30 (International), January 15 (Domestic)