The department offers an interdisciplinary professional MA in Russian Studies, focusing on Russian language proficiency, Russian culture, and interrelations between Russian history, politics and culture in the 19th - 21st centuries. The faculty’s interdisciplinary strengths include literature, cinema, folklore, literary/cultural theory, cultural studies, gender studies, sociolinguistics, pedagogy, Jewish Studies, minority studies and nationalism. To get a better idea of the department’s areas of specialization, prospective students are encouraged to take a look at the profiles of the graduate faculty and expanded graduate faculty. The faculty works closely with students to design their own course of study. Some Russian MA students receive a teaching assistantship and tuition waiver. The graduate associate chair of Russian Studies welcomes email inquiries about the program. For contact information and more general information on the MA in Russian Studies, please visit the program's website.

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GRE not required
Fall: January 15