Thank you for your interest in the graduate program in Mathematics at the University of Colorado Boulder. We offer doctor of philosophy (PhD) and master of arts (MA) degrees in mathematics, as well as a master of science (MS) degree. 

We have an award-winning graduate faculty of 27, with current areas of research interest in algebra, algebraic geometry, analysis, combinatorics and lie theory, differential equations, differential geometry, logic and foundations, number theory, probability, topology and related areas. The department hosts numerous visiting scholars and postdoctoral fellows. There is an active seminar culture, including many seminars run by students. Our course offerings include a regularly scheduled rotation of algebra, analysis, topology, geometry, foundations, number theory, etc., as well as topics courses whose more advanced subject matter varies year-to-year based on the interests of faculty and students. Students and faculty also interact with other departments on campus such as Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, including joint PhD/MA/MS advising.  We have mathematical relationships, including shared seminars, with nearby Colorado State University and other front range universities. Our graduate students, of which there are approximately 60, have excellent opportunities for research, including a first-year summer research experience.

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GRE not required
Fall: December 1 (International), December 15 (Domestic)