The Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Dance is a 60-credit hour program designed to take 3 years (6 semesters) to complete. Students generally take 10 credit hours per semester, leaving sufficient time for extracurricular creative and research work.  

The MFA program is designed to accommodate a variety of students, ranging from the practicing professional to the recent BA/BFA graduate. The MFA will develop students’ creative, performance, and scholarly work. It will position them for teaching careers in higher education as well as a variety of other careers in the field of dance.

MFA candidates are required to choose at least one secondary area of study designed to give variety and dimension to the student’s training. The university setting is particularly well-suited to broad educational goals, given the wide variety of subjects available for involvement.

We encourage the pursuit of one’s choreographic voice, embodied scholarship, and pedagogical refinement. Our program scaffolds entrepreneurial approaches to art-making based in rigor, curiosity, and versatility. Through our diverse, “choose-your-own adventure” style curriculum, we support the vital cultivation of self-awareness alongside a nuanced appreciation of one’s positionality within a global conversation.

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GRE not required
Fall: December 1