Chemical physics is a discipline at the interface between chemistry and physics. Chemical physics applies physical methods and theory to study molecular and collective properties of matter. The focus is on understanding complex phenomena from gas phase molecular dynamics, to nanoscale, mesoscale, and biological phenomena, through model systems and fundamental physical principles.

The Chemical Physics program allows students to strike a balance between core courses and courses that are better suited to address the student's specific research goals and interests. Students must consult with the chemical physics graduate advisors in their parent departments, either Chemistry and Biochemistry or Physics, to plan their formal course work.

Chemical Physics site

In order to qualify for graduation, a student must complete 30 hours of course work with a "B-" or better in each course, including: 

  • 27 hours—Physics 5000+
  • Three hours—Suitable grad-level course(s) (You may take a Physics graduate course to satisfy the requirement).

The Department of Physics works with the University of Colorado Graduate School to ensure our candidates meet all requirements before graduation. As such, the Graduate School has provided a complete list of required documentation and corresponding deadlines for students who are seeking a PhD Application for graduation is now processed online. Students must apply via their buff portal. All paperwork should be submitted to the department first.