The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering (ChBE) offers an innovative graduate program and emphasizes the doctoral degree. ChBE's outstanding national and international students take advantage of the high level of faculty-student collaboration and benefit from access to three interdisciplinary research centers. Department faculty and students have won numerous awards, both nationally and internationally.

General research areas within the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering include: biomaterials, biopharmaceutical engineering, catalysis, surface science and reaction engineering, complex fluids, and microfluidic devices; computational science, energy and environmental applications, membranes and separations, metabolic engineering and directed evolution, nanostructured films and devices, polymer chemistry and engineering, and tissue engineering.

The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering is one of the top research departments in the nation and maintains sophisticated facilities to support research endeavors. Although research in the department spans many diverse fields, there is a particular emphasis on research in biological engineering, functional materials, and renewable energy.

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