The Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (ATOC) is an interdisciplinary program that provides an educational and research environment to examine the dynamical, physical and chemical processes that occur in the atmosphere and the ocean. A major theme is the establishment of a physical basis for understanding, observing and modeling climate and global change.

Graduate students admitted to ATOC will be eligible to receive an advanced degree in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. Graduate students outside of ATOC can pursue the Graduate Certificate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences while earning a graduate degree from another department at CU Boulder, or while taking coursework as a nondegree seeking student through Continuing Education's ACCESS Program provided they have already earned a bachelor's degree and meet the course prerequisites.

Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences site
 MS, PhD
GRE not required
 Spring: October 1; Fall: December 1
 Certificate in Atmospheric and Oceanic StudiesCertificate in Oceanography