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The supply chain management Master of Science program was designed to develop three integrated skills: 1) supply chain strategy to better identify opportunity when presented; 2) technical and quantitative skills delivered through the careful integration of big data analytics (co­listed courses with the MS/BA degree) and supply chain quantitative methods (e.g. optimization, decision modeling, etc.) curriculum; and 3) data visualization and C­-suite communication skills to make value apparent and actionable. This unique blend of skills makes graduates of the program desirable to employers.

The program also prepares budding professionals for life in the real world by maintaining key business partnerships that allow students the chance to gain internship experience as part of the curriculum for the master’s degree. The MS program is partnered with over 30 companies, representing a mix of both large, multinational companies and local Boulder businesses, across a myriad of industries. These partnerships not only provide students with important hands­on experience on real projects, but they also deepen the relationship between businesses and the Leeds School­­—something that benefits students in the form of advice, input and mentoring, as well as many more aspects that are key to business program success.

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