The Academic Futures Committee affirmed interdisciplinarity as a key value in our teaching, research, and creative work. It went on to recommend that CU Boulder expand our status as a dynamic center for interdisciplinary teaching, research, and creative work by eliminating impediments to that work and by clearly rewarding these efforts. There is recognition that, with regard to research and creative work, we already have many areas of excellence on campus. At the same time, it’s clear that some disciplines are looking to expand their interdisciplinary research in new and exciting directions. Across the board, campus was clear that we have significant impediments to interdisciplinary teaching, many of which are operational and soluble.

Interim Arts & Sciences Dean Jim White has been asked to lead a Committee that will explore what our campus needs to effectively embrace interdisciplinarity in both our education and scholarship. The Committee will begin its work this spring and is expected to deliver its recommendations to campus on September 1.

Committee Membership


Jim White, Interim Dean, Professor, Geological Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences

Committee members

Waleed Abdalati, Director, CIRES and Professor, Geography, College of Arts and Sciences

Max Boykoff, Associate Professor, ENVS/CIRES; Director, Center for Science and Technology Policy, Graduate School

Andrew Calabrese, Associate Dean of Graduate Programs and Research, Professor of Media Studies, CMCI

Meg Campbell, Provost Professor of Marketing, Leeds School of Business

Sharon Collinge, Professor, ENVS, College of Arts and Sciences

Jackie Elliott, associate professor and chair, Classics

Oliver Gerland, associate professor, Theatre & Dance; Honors RAP Director; Interim Director of the Humanities program

Larry Levine, Associate Vice Chancellor for IT and CIO, Office of Information Technology

Jana Milford, Professor, Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Stefanie Mollborn, Professor, Sociology, College of Arts and Sciences, and Fellow Health and Society Program, Institute of Behavioral Science

Valerie Otero, Professor, Math and Science Education, School of Education

Martha Palmer, Professor of Distinction, Linguistics, College of Arts and Sciences, and the Helen and Hubert Endowed Professor of Computer Science, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Kristin Powell, Director of Interdisciplinary Education, BioFrontiers Institute

Karen Regan, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation, RIO

Jennifer Sullivan, Senior Assistant Dean for Administration and Program Development, Colorado Law

Tamara Sumner, Director, Institute of Cognitive Science, Professor, Computer and Cognitive Science

Katharine Suding, Professor, EBIO/INSTAAR, College of Arts and Sciences

Evan Thomas, Associate Professor; Director, Mortenson Center in Global Engineering, College of Engineering & Applied Science

Heidi VanGenderen, Chief Sustainability Officer, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Infrastructure and Sustainability

Ex Officio

Jeff Cox, Professor of English and Humanities, College of Arts and Sciences; former Vice Provost and Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs; convener of Academic Futures

Emily CoBabe-Ammann, Director of Strategic Projects, RIO; facilitator of Academic Futures