Provost Russell Moore announced the formation of the academic reorganization committee on April 17, 2018, following a request from the Academic Futures Committee that any contemplated reorganization of the College of Arts and Sciences be undertaken not as a function of the Academic Futures campus visioning process, but rather as a responsibility jointly carried out by the Office of the Provost and the College of Arts and Sciences Strategic Planning Committee.

The academic reorganization committee members were named on April 27. A total of 20 members, 11 from the College of Arts and Sciences and 9 from other colleges, schools and academic units, comprise the committee. It is charged with examining and making recommendations on proposed alternative academic structures, a process that involves starting with the “Cumalat/Julien” white paper that was submitted as a part of Academic Futures. However, the committee is not limited to reviewing this white paper alone.

Within the examination of any proposed organizational change, the provost was clear that he expected the analysis to contain “why” such a change would be beneficial to CU Boulder faculty, students, and staff, including the benefits and costs (including non-monetary) of making any change.

The provost asks that the committee complete its report by Nov. 2, 2018. It shall then be posted for a 28-day campus review and comment period, then submitted to the provost on Nov. 30, 2018, with comments.


Committee Members: April 27, 2018

Co-chair: William H. Kaempfer, Senior Vice Provost/Associate Vice Chancellor for Budget and Planning, Office of the Provost

Co-chair: Patricia Rankin, Professor, Physics

  • Paul Chinowsky, Director of ENVD (effective July 1)
  • Bert Covert, Professor, Anthropology, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Harsha Gangadharbatla, Founding Department Chair Advertising, Public Relations and Media Design, CMCI
  • Myron P. Gutmann, Director, Institute of Behavioral Sciences
  • Margaret Haefner Berg, Chair, Music Education/Associate Professor of Music Education, College of Music
  • Ben Kirshner, Professor, Faculty Director Learning Sciences & Human Development CU Engage, School of Education
  • Donald R. Lichtenstein, Professor of Marketing, Leeds School of Business
  • Terra McKinnish, Professor, Economics, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Keith Molenaar, K. Stanton Lewis Professor of Construction Engineering and Management /Associate Dean for Research Construction Engineering Management, College of Engineering and Applied Science
  • Carole Newlands, Professor, Classics, Associate Chair of Undergraduate Studies, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Armando Pares, Assistant Dean, Continuing Education
  • Roy Parker Professor, Cech-Leinwand Endowed Chair of Biochemistry, Chemistry and Biochemistry, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Cora Randall, Professor, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences, LASP
  • Erika Randall, Associate Professor/Department Chair, Theatre and Dance, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Justin Desautels-Stein, Associate Professor, Law Jason Shelton, Advising Supervisor - Physical Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Paul S. Sutter, Professor, History, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Patrick Tally, Assistant Dean of Academic and Curricular Affairs, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Louise Vale, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor of Integrity, Safety and Compliance
  • Carol A. Wessman, Program Director, Professor, Environmental Studies, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Jason Shelton, Advising Supervisor, Physical Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences